Busch Gardens WIlliamsburg

Busch Gardens Williamsburg, which was formerly known as Busch Gardens Europe, is a 383 acre theme park in James City County, Virginia. The park was originally called Busch Gardens: The Old Country, reflecting the European theme of the settlers. The Busch Gardens name has been a family favourite for years, and Busch Gardens Williamsburg is no different. The park sports a total of 53 rides, 6 roller coaster and 4 water rides, making it extremely versatile and perfect for the whole family. With 37 years of experience, the Busch Gardens Williamsburg park will surely never disappoint.

The existing roller coasters are famous throughout the country for their thrilling and scary properties. The most famous roller coaster being the Lock Ness Monster which interlocks and loops in and out of itself. Other fan favourites are the Verbolten, which was built in 2012, Apollo’s Chariot, and Griffon. The park’s rollercoaster line-up is a perfect balance of scary and thrilling that will leave you happy you came. But the roller coaster is not the only reason to come to the Busch Gardens Williamsburg park, as it also features a plethora of animal attractions, as its sister park does.

The animal attractions are one of the main highlights that people look at when they come to this park. Jack Hanna’s Wild Reserve is the host of various birds and wolves. Also, the large reserve also has bald eagles, making it a safe haven for close to be extinct animals. Highland Stables is Busch Gardens’ European essence. It hosts Scottish Blackface sheep, Border collies, black Clydesdales and a Euopean barn owl. Guests can interact with the animals during daily demonstrations. These attractions have been known to blow guests away with their interactivity and shows that allow guests to not only get up close and personal, but also to be entertained in a way that many parks do not offer.

The Overall features are extensive, making it almost impossible to review, but the theme park areas are something that everyone should know about. With over 11 park areas, and 50 attractions in them, the Busch Gardens Williamsburg park is not only extensive, it is extremely entertaining,

Overall, the Busch Gardens Williamsburg park is something the whole family can enjoy. With fun rides, thrilling rollercoasters, and entertaining games, there is literally something for everyone. The Busch Gardens name has been well known for not only having a beautiful theme park, but also to have a very well developed animal entity to the parks. The Williamsburg addition is no different. Regular operating months are from March through to December.