Palais Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace map
Crystal Palace map
Crystal Palace map

Crystal Palace, also known for its French name Palais Crystal, is an amusement park built just next to Champlain Place mall in Dieppe city, Canada. The park started operating in February 1990 and has been providing families with wholesome fun since then.

The Crystal Palace indoor amusement park is chock-full of different entertainment activities to cater to persons of every age. The large, enclosed theme park has a four-screen theater, shooting arcades, many different games from video games to Skee-ball, a medium sized roller coaster, swing ride, a carousel, bumper cars, laser tag, miniature truck and airplane rides, miniature golf, some batting cages, plus a virtual-reality ride.

Crystal Palace specially appeals to kids below 12, although teenagers will most probably find some video games to keep them entertained. To make the most out of a family vacation, families can choose to stay practically inside the amusement park by booking a hotel room at the neighboring hotel, the Ramada Plaza Crystal Palace.

No trip to Crystal Palace is complete without trying out its signature ride. The roller coaster called “The Bullet” is the largest and most famous ride in Crystal Palace. It has a track that measures 247 meters long, and encircles the whole amusement park, passing a tunnel while also executing a complete 360° turn, reaching a speed of 39 km. per hour.

Children will surely have a fantastic time in Crystal Palace, making this amusement park ideal for family fun and bonding. For parents, they’ll be sure to find something that will fill their day with excitement as they visit the park to have an amazing time with their family and friends. Book lovers will also find something to do as they browse the Chapter’s bookstore and enjoy a Starbucks coffee while diving into their books. For those who prefer a more relaxing time to experience all together with family and friends, the cinema is just right there for their enjoyment.

The indoor theme park is the perfect location to just relax, take a break from work and to create family memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you like the rollercoaster, the climbing wall, the waveswinger, the games or just any one of the park’s many attractions, you will definitely find yourself having a grand time with your children, rain or shine and all year round.

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