Cedar Point

Cedar Point Map
Cedar Point Map
Cedar Point Map

Cedar Point at Sandusky, Ohio ranked second oldest amusement park in the US, known as the roller coaster capital and has been in operation since the pre 1960s. Millennium Force is the park’s main attraction and also known as the best steel roller coaster in the US. This coaster is an aggressive thrill ride that measures 310 feet, uses an elevator cable lift system and travels at a speed of 93 MPH.

The park features over 16 roller coasters, 15 thrill rides, 3 water rides, 20 family rides and 18 kiddie rides. There is also a water park that features 11 slides and attractions and a challenge park that features 4 more attractions. Along Lake Erie is Cedar Point Beach where you can go parasailing, jet skiing and fishing.

Aside from that, there are live show performances of Snoopy and his friends, daredevils and musicians. Marching bands and choirs get performance opportunities and there is an educational program for students to learn everything about the park.

Dinosaurs Alive! is a new attraction that opened just this 2012. Adventure Island became a walk-through exhibit of dinosaurs which is also a part of the park’s educational program.

The park has over 21 dining options. Bay Harbor and Breakwater Café features a great scenic dining experience. You can take a break and eat some Pink’s hotdogs, Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches and Chuck Wagon’s BBQ meals. There is also Panda Express and Tomo Hibachi to satisfy your cravings for Asian cuisine. Also offered are corporate programs, meals for school and small groups and meal vouchers.

Gatekeeper is a new attraction to watch out for next year. This winged coaster is said to be more aggressive with the longest drop ever. The coaster rotates 180 degrees to the right, goes through a half twist and curve out, flies over a giant, goes for a 360-degree flip, a 180-degree turnaround and then a quick drop and rotates 360 degrees again.

Opening day will be next year on the 11th of May. Daily tickets range from $18.99 to $82.99 and season passes cost $179. With the themed areas, admission to Cedar Point is not necessary. You can skip the main entrance and go directly to the water park or have some more water fun at the challenge park which is just a mile away.

Getting to the park only takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Columbus. With 6 accommodation options, over 1,000 rooms and group packages, there is really so much to do in Cedar Point.

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