Water Parks

A water park is an amusement park that features water play areas. These play areas are in the form of rides and could appear as water slides, splash pads, spraygrounds, lazy rivers, or other swimming environments. In some of the more technologically advanced parks, there is even the possibility of a surfing simulator (a FlowRider), or even a wave pool. As water parks have beena round since the 1950s, they have been given a lot of time to grow and develop. They are not major entities on their own, while also being a reasonable addition to a typical amusement park.

Water Parks can cost a varying amount depending on their situation. Sometimes, when an amusement park consumes a water park, the cost is built into the overall admission price. However with a dedicated waterpark the price usually ends up being around $25 for an adult and half that price for a child. Some water parks, like amusement parks, are free and the rides are governed by tickets.

The general theme for rides and attractions at water parks are usually tube rides, tunnel slides, and a large amount of wave pool/river related relaxation rides. Some of the most famous types of water park attractions are the “bullet slides” that almost breach the point of free fall and shoots guests down using their own body weight and gravity to accelerate them along a straight track. Some water parks, such as SeaWorld, also include animal attractions, shows, and exhibits. The famous Shamu is a perfect example of this.

Operating season for a water park also varies depending on the location of the water park. Obviously, water parks in northern states such as Colorado or New York are not going to be open as long as water parks in southern states such as Florida or California. A perfect example of this is Lakeside Amusement Park and Six Flags Fiesta Texas. While Lakeside is only open for a few months in the summer, Six Flags is open much longer due to the optimal weather being extended.

Water parks are a great way for the family to cool off during the hot summer months. They provide both relaxation areas next to pools, as well as fun and thrilling rides. Some parks even sport roller coasters to complete the experience. The family can never go wrong with a trip to the water park.