Hershey Park

Hershey Park Map
Hershey Park Map
Hershey Park Map

Pennsylvania’s Hersheypark is a family-themed amusement park located in Derry Township. Founded in 1903, the park was exclusive for the Hershey Chocolate Company employees to visit and have picnics only. The park then began its expansion in 1923 – from the Carrousel Circle and Der Deitch Platz, The Wild Cat roller coaster and nine more roller coasters to ZooAmerica, a North American wildlife park that houses over 200 animals of North America.

As of 2011, the park features 9 themed areas with over 60 rides and attractions. There are 30 family rides, 26 kiddie rides and 12 more rides at The Boardwalk. To easily identify which rides are suitable for you, several Hershey’s candy brands are being used to represent height categories.

Sooperdooperlooper, Great Bear, Roller Soaker, Lightning Racer, Storm Runner, the rest of the roller coasters and all the other rides can give you a thrilling experience ranging from moderate to aggressive levels. Skyrush is one of the most aggressive thrill rides and newest additions in the park. This roller coaster does not use harness and just the lap restraint to give you that weightless feeling. Another addition is The Boardwalk water park that features rides such as Coastline Plunges, Sandcastle Cove, Tidal Force and Waverider.

The Hershey’s Chocolate World is a public center that can give you the chocolatiest experience. You can go on a free 10-minute Chocolate Tour and get a sample of a Hershey’s product. Kids can go on the Factory Works Experience to collect Hershey’s kisses and get free hats. You can either go on a musical tour in its theater to watch the Really Big 3-D Show or with the Hershey Trolley Works to see the sights around the park. Here you can also go chocolate tasting and sample a variety of chocolates.

When you are done with all the rides and everything breathtaking, you can go for a tongue-twisting experience in dining areas that serve meals such as upside down pizzas, seafood pasta in a vodka cream sauce, chocolate barbecue ribs, peanut butter pies, skinny cocktail drinks and many more. Minetown is described as the only themed area that serves alcohol but menus of other themed areas in the park have revealed a selection of alcoholic food and beverage.

Getting to the park only takes about 30 minutes from Harrisburg. Everything, including accommodation packages, can be enjoyed at very affordable price ranges. While winter operation of the park is limited for some days, the zoo is open all year and celebrations are being held during Halloween and Christmas. Visit Hershey Park for further amusement park information.