New York’s Adventureland is an amusement park located in East Farmingdale. The amusement park has a long history and an even longer reputation for being one of the most interesting and fun parks in the state. The park is so famous in fact, that it has been seen in pop culture many times (most famously the movie sharing the same name as the park by director Greg Mottola, which was based on his experiences working there as a youth).  The admission to the park is free, while many rides costing only a few dollars as tickets are only 1 dollar. Adventureland has so many rides, attractions and games that the whole family will have something to do no doubt.

The park categorises its 29 rides into 4 categories. While it is impossible to go over all of the rides, the thrill rides, kids and family rides, kiddie rides, and water rides all have something different to share with guests. The thrill rides, most popular being Hurricane Coaster, John Silver’s twister and the all so important Bumper Cars, allow for guests to feel a sense of thrill while still being completely safe. The kids and family rides are essentially non-thrill rides for kids to enjoy, including many carousel rides like Free Whale, Merry-Go Round, and the Wave Swing. These rides are perfect for younger children and soon to be teens. The Kiddie rides are for toddlers who still want to experience an amusement park, it is essentially a collection of slow moving theme rides that will keep your toddlers’ safe while letting them have a blast. The few water rides, Adventure Falls, Crocodile Rune, and the Little Dipper, are both fun and entertaining for the whole family.

The attractions such as Water Wars, Tattoos, Sky Rails, and Euro Bungy add another level of depth to Adventureland that almost no other park offers in addition. But as made famous by the movie, the games section is one of the most successful attractions that the park has to offer. With over twenty games with prizes to win, the park does not leave you unsatisfied after a thrilling couple of days.

Overall, Adventureland certainly deserves its hype. With a minimum amount of accidents since its 1962 opening day, the park is safe and fun for the entire family. This is a park that is recommended to visit even from several hours away. Not only to see the famous movie scenes, but also to experience what the park has to offer, which is evidently quite a bit.