Sea Life Park Hawaii


Who can do wrong with a marine mammal park in Hawaii? Located near Makapu’u Point near Hanauma Bay on the island of Oahu, the park entertains a very appropriate theme revolving around the many animals that Hawaii has to offer. The marine mammal park also hosts a bird sanctuary and aquarium allowing all animal lovers something that they can get excited about. Besides the sanctuaries, aquariums and other preserves, the park also hosts a plenty of aquatic life activities to have any guest entertained for hours. You can honestly not go wrong when visiting this park on your next vacation.

Sea Life Park Hawaii has a lot of exhibits and facilities that will entertain you for hours. The Hawaiian Reef Aquarium is a whopping 300,000 gallon tank that is home to an even more impressive assortment of 2000 reef animals. The Hawaiian Ocean Theater is the venue for the main shows, which unlike other theatres, includes dolphins, penquins and sea lions. The shows are also quite informational teaching you how the latest in training techniques and the park’s conservation efforts. The park also includes many interactive sections including the Sea Turtle Feeding Pool, Sting Ray Lagoon, Swim with the Sea Lions and Swim with the Dolphin pools giving you the most interactive animal park experiences out there.

The Bird Sanctuary is surprisingly one of the most popular exhibits in the park.  It is home to many wild marine birds including great frigate birds, boobys, shearwaters and albatrosses, most of which came to the sanctuary as sick and injured, which the park healed to health and continue to keep alive. Visitors to the exhibit learn the bird’s stories and how the park cares for them and helps rehabilitate them. Another interesting part of the park is the Hawaiian Monk Seal Habitat, which lets visitors see the Monk Seal in their natural habitat, allowing guests to interact with them and trainers before and after the shows.

The activities that the park has are such things as the Dolphin Royal Swim Program, Dolphin Swim Adventure, Dolphin Encounter, and the Dolphin Aloha, which all let visitors interact directly with dolphins in the water. Each of the aforementioned stages allow guests to interact with dolphins at different levels, allowing those who are timid to get a less intense experience. The other activities that are present are the Sea Lion Discovery, which lets visitors swim and play with actual sea lions, and the Sea Trek Adventure. The Sea Trek Adventure is one of Sea Life Park Hawaii’s most popular attractions because it takes guests underwater for a stoll in the Hawaiian Reef Tank, surrounded by eels, stingrays, sea turtles, and numerous other reef species.

Overall Sea Life Park Hawaii is perfect for anybody on vacation looking for a way to enjoy a day or two. It provides breath taking sights, with sea mammals, fish and birds, while also taking you underwater to see actual Hawaiian reefs. This park is a fun environment for any part of the family to enjoy and is thus highly recommended.